A Brief History & Origins of Father’s Day

History & Origins of Father’s Day: You will be shocked to know that the history of father’s day is not even a century old. Moreover, you need to be thankful for the struggle and hard work of Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Washington, who organised an event to honor the life of her father. But most of the scholars believe that the history of father’s day is older than 4000 years old and they also have few claims related to it.

History of Fathers Day

History & Origins of Fathers Day

The scholars believe that the beginning of father’s day is not a recent phenomenon as most of them believe. Instead, they say that the claims of the tradition can be found in the ruins of Babylon. There it has been recorded that a young boy named Elmesu wrote a father day message on a card that was made up of clay and it is all about 4000 years ago. In that card, Elmesu wished his Babylonian father long life and good health. Although there is no record of what happened to Elmesu and his father, they say that the tradition exists from that time. But we all know that the modern version of Father’s Day celebration started in the United States of America and then it spread across all over the world. And this was all possible due to the effort of Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. She was the one who gave father’s day saw the light of the day.

During an interview, when it was asked to Sonora’s about how did she get the idea of celebrating father’s day? Sonora said that in the year 1909 she thought that if there is a day to honor mother then why not a day to honor father? And the reason for which Sonora had a strong affection towards her father was that her mother died when she was just 16. Thereafter, her upbringing was done by her father alone. Her father Mr Smart not only raised a newborn but at the same time, he also took care of five children with love and care.

Apart from all this, Sonora was also inspired by Ms Anna Jarvis’s, who struggled a lot to promote mother’s day. After this Ms Sonora started a campaign to celebrate Father’s day in the United States and she got support from the Local Young Men’s Christian Association and the Spokane Ministerial Association. So the effort from all end resulted in the celebration of first father’s day on June 19 in the year 1910. During that moment there was some initial hesitation but the idea gained popularity all over the country and later on, people from all over the world started celebrating this day.

After seeing the popularity of father’s day the president of United States at that time Woodrow Wilson gave approval of this idea in the year 1916. Following this trend, the next president of United States Calvin Coolidge also supported the idea of celebrating father’s day in 1924. But till 1965 the proclamation of the national observance of father’s day was not done, then in the year 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation which states that third Sunday of June every year will be observed as the Father’s day. After this proclamation the next president Richard Nixon in 1972 established a permanent national observance of Father’s day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

After two years of permanent national observance, Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was honored for her contribution at the world’s fair in Spokane. She died after four years of receiving the award in the year 1978, at that time her age was 96.

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